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propaganda British & World English

Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view

Propaganda in propaganda British & World English

A committee of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for foreign missions, founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV

propaganda mill British & World English

Used to refer to the process by which information perceived as biased or misleading is originated and disseminated

propaganda English Thesaurus

regulations restricting political propaganda were relaxed

propaganda English-Spanish

propaganda f

propaganda Spanish-English


nos bombardearon con propaganda in bombardear Spanish-English

we were bombarded with propaganda

it was used for propaganda purposes in propaganda English-Spanish

lo usaron con fines propagandísticos

me regalaron un llavero de propaganda in propaganda Spanish-English

they gave me a key ring with their name (

propaganda masquerading as factual information in masquerade English-Spanish

propaganda disfrazada de información objetiva

la revista no trae más que propaganda in propaganda Spanish-English

the magazine has nothing but advertisements in it

las calles estaban empapeladas de propaganda in empapelar Spanish-English

the streets were plastered with progaganda

el aparato de propaganda de la dictadura in propaganda Spanish-English

the propaganda apparatus of the dictatorship

lo que prometieron en su propaganda electoral in propaganda Spanish-English

what they promised in their election material (

el barrio está apestado de propaganda política in apestado Spanish-English

the whole area is plastered with political posters

las calles amanecieron cubiertas de propaganda electoral in amanecer Spanish-English

in the morning the streets were littered with election pamphlets

a ver cuando lo conocemos, le has hecho tanta propaganda in propaganda Spanish-English

when are we going to meet him? you've talked so much about him

la campaña de propaganda de cara a las próximas elecciones in cara Spanish-English

the advertising campaign for the forthcoming elections

el discurso del primer ministro fue pura propaganda electoral in propaganda Spanish-English

the prime minister's speech was pure electoral propaganda

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