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protest British & World English

A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something

under protest British & World English

After expressing one’s objection or reluctance; unwillingly

under protest in protest British & World English

After expressing one’s objection or reluctance; unwillingly

storm British & World English

A vehement outburst of a specified feeling or reaction

protest English Thesaurus

voters humiliated the government as a protest against high public spending

protest English-Spanish

protesta feminine

protest song English-Spanish

canción feminine (de) protesta

to protest to sb English-Spanish

presentar una protesta

to protest (to sb) that English-Spanish

quejarse (, protestar (

a howl of pain/protest in howl English-Spanish

un alarido de dolor/de protesta

a chorus of praise/protest in chorus English-Spanish

un coro de alabanzas/protestas

a wail of protest in wail English-Spanish

un grito de protesta

they raised their voices in song/protest in voice English-Spanish

se pusieron a cantar/a protestar a coro

in protest (at/against sth) in protest English-Spanish

en señal de protesta (por/contra algo)

to register/lodge a protest in protest English-Spanish

dejar constancia de/presentar una protesta

sit-down protest/demonstration in sit-down English-Spanish

sentada feminine, sitin masculineMexico/México

a few voices rose in protest in rise English-Spanish

se alzaron algunas voces de protesta

what form should our protest take? in form English-Spanish

¿cómo deberíamos manifestar nuestra protesta?

the ban released a flood of protest in release English-Spanish

la prohibición desató una oleada de protestas

there were rumblings about protest action in rumbling English-Spanish

se hablaba de tomar medidas de protesta

we added our voices to the chorus of protest in add English-Spanish

sumamos nuestras voces al coro de protestas

she refused, thus provoking a storm of protest in thus English-Spanish

se negó, provocando con ello una lluvia de protestas

we took to the streets to protest against tax increases in street English-Spanish

salimos a la calle a protestar contra los aumentos en los impuestos

the waves of protest that were sweeping the state in sweep English-Spanish

las olas de protesta que recorrían el estado

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