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protocol British & World English

The official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions

protocol English Thesaurus

he was always a stickler for protocol

protocol book British & World English

Chiefly Scottish a book or register used for recording legal transactions, etc. (now historical).

Geneva Protocol British & World English

Any of various protocols drawn up in Geneva, especially that of 1925 limiting chemical and bacteriological warfare

Montreal Protocol British & World English

Each of four protocols signed in Montreal in 1975 concerning the presumed liability of an international air carrier in the event of death or injury to a passenger or delay, damage to, or loss of cargo or baggage.

Internet Protocol British & World English

A set of rules governing the format of data sent over the Internet or other network

wireless application protocol British & World English

A specification for the transfer of data to and from a hand-held wireless device, especially a mobile phone; abbreviated WAP.

manufacturing automation protocol British & World English

A set of data exchange codes linking various machines in a factory; frequently attributive; also abbreviated MAP.