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provisional British & World English

Arranged or existing for the present, possibly to be changed later

Provisional in provisional British & World English

Denoting the unofficial wings of the IRA and Sinn Fein established in 1969 and advocating terrorism

provisional English Thesaurus

a provisional government

provisional callus British & World English

The ring of callus originally formed at the site of a bone fracture.

Provisional I.R.A British & World English

An Irish Republican paramilitary organization, formed in December 1969 and historically advocating the use of violence to pursue its political aims.

provisional order British & World English

(In Britain) an order made by a Minister of the Crown under the authority of a statute, but requiring confirmation in an Act of Parliament before it takes legal effect.

provisional government British & World English

(Also with capital initials) an interim or temporary government, especially one set up to govern until constitutional self-government or democracy can be established or restored.

provisional licence British & World English

A temporary licence issued for a limited period.

provisional driving licence British & World English

A probationary licence issued to a learner driver and superseded by a full licence on passing a driving test.

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