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quantum British & World English

A discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents

quantum bit British & World English

The basic unit of information in a quantum computer

quantum dot British & World English

A semiconductor crystal of nanometre dimensions with distinctive conductive properties determined by its size

quantum jump British & World English

An abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another, with the absorption or emission of a quantum

quantum leap British & World English

A sudden large increase or advance

quantum state British & World English

A state of a quantized system which is described by a set of quantum numbers

quantum gravity British & World English

A theory that attempts to explain gravitational physics in terms of quantum mechanics

quantum meruit British & World English

A reasonable sum of money to be paid for services rendered or work done when the amount due is not stipulated in a legally enforceable contract

quantum number British & World English

A number which occurs in the theoretical expression for the value of some quantized property of a subatomic particle, atom, or molecule and can only have certain integral or half-integral values

quantum theory British & World English

A theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta, especially quantum mechanics

quantum computer British & World English

A computer which makes use of the quantum states of subatomic particles to store information

quantum mechanics British & World English

The branch of mechanics that deals with the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles, incorporating the concepts of quantization of energy, wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, and the correspondence principle

quantum medicine British & World English

A branch of complementary medicine that uses low-dosage electromagnetic radiation in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of disease

quantum chromodynamics British & World English

A quantum field theory in which the strong interaction is described in terms of an interaction between quarks mediated by gluons, both quarks and gluons being assigned a quantum number called ‘colour’

quantum electrodynamics British & World English

A quantum field theory that deals with the electromagnetic field and its interaction with electrically charged particles

quantum field theory British & World English

A field theory that incorporates quantum mechanics and the principles of the theory of relativity