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quarter British & World English

Each of four equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided

quarter day British & World English

Each of four days fixed by custom as marking off the quarters of the year, on which some tenancies begin and end and quarterly payments of rent and other charges fall due

quarter-saw British & World English

Saw (a log) radially into quarters and then into boards

Empty Quarter British & World English

another name for Rub' al-Khali.

quarter-final British & World English

A match or round of a knockout competition that precedes the semi-final

Quarter Horse British & World English

A horse of a small stocky breed noted for agility and speed over short distances. It is reputed to be the fastest breed of horse over distances of a quarter of a mile

quarter-hour British & World English

A period of fifteen minutes

quarter-light British & World English

A window in the side of a motor vehicle other than the main door window

quarter pipe British & World English

A ramp with a slightly convex surface, used by skateboarders, rollerbladers, or snowboarders to perform jumps and other manoeuvres

quarter plate British & World English

A photographic plate measuring 314 × 414 inches (circa 8.3 × 10.8 cm)

quarter-tone British & World English

Half a semitone

three-quarter British & World English

Consisting of three quarters of something in terms of size, length, time, etc.

quarter binding British & World English

A type of bookbinding in which the spine is bound in one material (usually leather) and the rest of the cover in another

quarter-pounder British & World English

A hamburger that weighs a quarter of a pound

quarter section British & World English

A quarter of a square mile of land; 160 acres (approximately 64.7 hectares)

lamb's quarter British & World English

North American term for fat hen.

quarter sessions British & World English

(In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) a court of limited criminal and civil jurisdiction and of appeal, usually held quarterly in counties or boroughs, and replaced in 1972 by crown courts

quarter someone on in quarter British & World English

Impose someone on (another person) as a lodger

quarterdeck British & World English

The part of a ship’s upper deck near the stern, traditionally reserved for officers

at close quarters in close1 British & World English

Very or uncomfortably close to someone or something

at close quarters British & World English

Very or uncomfortably close to someone or something

quarterstaff British & World English

A stout pole 6-8 feet long, formerly used as a weapon

quarter English Thesaurus

the Latin quarter of Paris

quarter day English-Spanish

día de vencimiento de ciertos pagos al final de cada trimestre

quarter panel English-Spanish


Latin Quarter English-Spanish

the Latin Quarter

three-quarter English-Spanish

tres cuartos

quarter-hourly English-Spanish

the quarter-hourly chime

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