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quarter British & World English

Each of four equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided

quarter English Thesaurus

the Latin quarter of Paris

low quarter British & World English

Usually hyphenated. Of a shoe or (less commonly) a boot: that has a low quarter or rear section over the heel; that does not reach above the ankle.

out-quarter British & World English

Military. Usually in plural A station or quarter away from the headquarters of a regiment.

quarter-boy British & World English

A quarter-jack in the form of a boy (also figurative).

quarter cut British & World English

(Of wood) cut into quarters along its length; = quarter-sawn.

quarter fee British & World English

Historical money or service due from a vassal to a feudal superior, equal to a quarter the amount required to support one knight.

quarter-ply British & World English

(attributive) material made to a quarter of a standard thickness, or composed of a quarter of the usual number of layers.

quarter day British & World English

Each of four days fixed by custom as marking off the quarters of the year, on which some tenancies begin and end and quarterly payments of rent and other charges fall due

quarter-saw British & World English

Saw (a log) radially into quarters and then into boards

black quarter British & World English

The disease blackleg, especially in cattle; also called quarter evil, quarter ill.

free quarter British & World English

The right of troops to be billeted in free quarters (also in extended use); (also) the necessity for troops of having to find free quarters; the obligation or imposition of having to provide free board and lodging for troops.

free-quarter British & World English

To accommodate (troops) at free quarter; to impose (troops) on or upon a householder in this way. Now rare (historical in later use).

quarter-badge British & World English

An ornamental window-surround, or a representation of a window, at the stern of a small sailing vessel.

quarter ball British & World English

A ball that strikes another so that a quarter of the one overlaps a quarter of the other.

quarter bell British & World English

A bell in a clock which sounds the quarter hours.

quarter bend British & World English

A section of pipe bent into a quarter circle.

quarter-bill British & World English

A list containing the names of the officers and crew of a ship, and the stations to which they are quartered in times of action.

quarter block British & World English

A block fitted under the quarter of a yard.

quarter-bloke British & World English

A quartermaster or quartermaster sergeant.

quarter-blood British & World English

A person whose descent is only one quarter derived from a particular race (especially North American Indian); (also) an animal, etc., only one fourth derived from a particular breed.

quarter-board British & World English

†(in early use) some kind of board used in carpentry (obsolete); (later) Nautical (in plural) pieces of wood extended around a ship's quarters and stern (now historical).

quarter boat British & World English

A small boat hung on davits at a ship's quarter.

quarter-book British & World English

A book recording quartering or lodgings.

quarter boot British & World English

A boot reaching just above the ankle.

quarter-bred British & World English

Of an animal: that is one quarter descended from a particular stock or pedigree.

quarter butt British & World English

A cue intermediate in length between an ordinary cue and a half-butt.

quarter calf British & World English

Calfskin quarter binding.

quarter-cask British & World English

A small cask, a cask one quarter the usual or standard size; (in early use specifically) a quarter of a hogshead or a quarter of a butt.

quarter-caste British & World English

A person of mixed ancestry who is a quarter from one descent and three-quarters from another, specifically (Australian and NZ) a person who is a quarter Australian Aboriginal or Maori and three-quarters white.

quarter-chord British & World English

A quarter of the length of a chord of an aerofoil, as measured backwards from the leading edge; the point on a chord this distance from the leading edge; (also, attributive) designating a line joining such points along the span of a wing.

quarter cleft British & World English

Wood cleft in four; quartered wood.

quarter clock British & World English

A clock that strikes the quarter hours.

quarter cloth British & World English

Nautical (usually in plural) a long piece of canvas going from the upper part of a ship's gallery to the gangway (now historical).

quarter-crack British & World English

A fissure or sand crack in the side wall of a horse's hoof, typically originating in the coronary band; a condition so characterized.

quarter evil British & World English

The disease blackleg, especially in cattle; = quarter ill. In later use chiefly South African.

quarter face British & World English

The face (of a person, the moon, etc.) when one quarter revealed; (Military) the action or position of facing quarter-way to the right or left.

quarter girth British & World English

One quarter of the circumference of the trunk of a tree, especially as a measurement used to calculate the cubic content of timber.

quarter grain British & World English

The grain shown in a piece of quarter-sawn timber where the growth rings appear as parallel lines and the medullary rays are visible on the face.

quarter guard British & World English

A small guard, originally mounted a short distance in front of each battalion in a camp, and now having mainly ceremonial duties.

quarter heel British & World English

North American a metal protective covering or plate fitted to the heel of a shoe, a heel-cap.

quarter hoop British & World English

A hoop used to bind the staves of a barrel, especially one placed intermediately between the middle of the barrel and either of its ends.

quarter jack British & World English

A jack of the clock which strikes the quarters.

quarter line British & World English

The position of ships in a column when each successive vessel has its bows abaft the beam of the one in front, and a little to one side.

quarter-mile British & World English

One fourth of a mile (approx. 0.402 km); a race over this distance.

quarter-miler British & World English

A person, horse, etc., who runs or specializes in running quarter-mile races.

quarter moon British & World English

The moon as it appears with a quarter of its face illuminated, a crescent moon.

quarter-night British & World English

The time when a quarter of the night has passed (rare after 15th cent.; now poetic).

quarter-pace British & World English

A resting place or landing where two flights of stairs converge at right angles to each other in a quarter turn.

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