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quince British & World English

A hard, acid pear-shaped fruit used in preserves or as flavouring

Japanese quince British & World English

another term for japonica.

flowering quince British & World English

An Asian shrub of the rose family, with bright red flowers followed by round white, green, or yellow edible fruits

Japanese quince in quince British & World English

another term for japonica.

quince English-Spanish

membrillo m

quince Spanish-English


quince jelly in quince English-Spanish

(dulce m de) membrillo m

escoba de quince in escoba Spanish-English

card game in which players try to combine cards to total 15 points

tenía quince abriles in abril Spanish-English

she was 15, she was a girl of 15 summers

no hay quince años feos in año Spanish-English

youth is beauty in itself

dentro de quince días me voy in quince Spanish-English

I'm going in two weeks' time

del tres al quince, ambos exclusive in exclusive Spanish-English

from the third to the fifteenth not inclusive, from the third to the fifteenth exclusive

acababa de cumplir quince primaveras in primavera Spanish-English

she was just 15, she had just celebrated 15 summers

digamos quince para hacer cuentas redondas in redondo Spanish-English

let's call it fifteen to make it a round number

cometió la locura de casarse a los quince años in locura Spanish-English

she committed the folly of getting married at fifteen

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