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racket1 British & World English

A bat with a round or oval frame strung with catgut, nylon, etc., used especially in tennis, badminton, and squash

racket2 British & World English

A loud unpleasant noise; a din

racket-tail British & World English

A South American hummingbird with long racket-shaped tail feathers

racket abuse British & World English

Aggressive or unsportsmanlike behaviour by a player in which the racket is thrown or struck against something

racket about/around in racket2 British & World English

Enjoy oneself socially; go in pursuit of pleasure or entertainment

numbers racket in numbers game British & World English

A lottery based on the occurrence of unpredictable numbers in the results of races, a lottery, etc.

racket English Thesaurus

the engine makes the most incredible racket

racket English-Spanish

raqueta feminine

protection racket in protection English-Spanish

chantaje masculineque se practica a propietarios de comercios

to make a racket in racket English-Spanish

hacer*, armar jaleo

stop that dreadful racket! in dreadful English-Spanish

¡deja de hacer ese ruido tan espantoso!

you're welcome to borrow my racket in welcome English-Spanish

yo te presto mi raqueta encantado

never mind your racket: what about my head! in mind English-Spanish

tanta preocupación por tu raqueta ¿y mi cabeza, qué?

she was rooting around in the attic for her racket in root English-Spanish

estaba hurgando entre las cosas del desván buscando su raqueta