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racket1 British & World English

A bat with a round or oval frame strung with catgut, nylon, etc., used especially in tennis, badminton, and squash

racket2 British & World English

A loud unpleasant noise; a din

rackett British & World English

A double-reed woodwind instrument of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, with a squat cylindrical body in which nine parallel bores are drilled lengthwise to form a continuous undulating tube. Sometimes with preceding modifying word, indicating the size or pitch of the instrument, as bass rackett, tenor rackett, etc.

racket English Thesaurus

the engine makes the most incredible racket

racket-tail British & World English

A South American hummingbird with long racket-shaped tail feathers

racket press British & World English

A frame fitted or clamped over the head of a racket when it is not in use, to prevent warping.

racket store British & World English

A store selling a wide range of inexpensive items.

racket string British & World English

A string of catgut, nylon, or similar material used in the latticework of a sports racket.

racket-tailed British & World English

In the names of birds, especially certain hummingbirds, parrots, and drongos: having a tail that bears a pair of rackets.

racket abuse British & World English

Aggressive or unsportsmanlike behaviour by a player in which the racket is thrown or struck against something

protection racket British & World English

An illegal scheme involving the extortion of money in return for protection.

racket about/around in racket2 British & World English

Enjoy oneself socially; go in pursuit of pleasure or entertainment

numbers racket in numbers game British & World English

A lottery based on the occurrence of unpredictable numbers in the results of races, a lottery, etc.