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railway British & World English

A track made of steel rails along which trains run

cog railway British & World English

Another term for rack railway.

cable railway British & World English

A railway along which carriages are drawn by a continuous cable

light railway British & World English

A railway constructed for light traffic

rack railway British & World English

A railway with a toothed rail between the bearing rails which engages with a cogwheel under the locomotive, for very steep slopes

railway yard British & World English

An area consisting of a network of railway tracks, sidings, and sheds for storing, maintaining, and joining engines and carriages

scenic railway British & World English

An attraction at a fair or in a park consisting of a miniature railway that runs past natural features and artificial scenery

Trans-Siberian Railway British & World English

A railway running from Moscow east around Lake Baikal to Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan, a distance of 9,311 km (5,786 miles). Begun in 1891 and virtually completed by 1904, it opened up Siberia and advanced Russian interest in eastern Asia

Ffestiniog Railway in Blaenau Ffestiniog New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

town in Gwynedd, Wales, home of the Ffestiniog Railway