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ramp British & World English

A sloping surface joining two different levels, as at the entrance or between floors of a building

ramp English Thesaurus

there was a ramp down to a double garage on basement level

on-ramp British & World English

A lane for traffic entering a turnpike or freeway

ramp-up British & World English

An increase in quantity, pace, output, intensity, etc.; a boost.

ramp rate British & World English

The rate at which a property, such as voltage or temperature, is increased (or decreased) linearly with time; also in extended use.

off-ramp British & World English

A sloping one-way road leading off a main highway

ramp function British & World English

A continuous function whose value increases linearly for a particular range of values of the independent variable, and is constant outside this range; specifically the function f(x) = x + ?x?/2, which is zero for negative values of the argument and is linear with a gradient of 1 for positive values.

publicity ramp British & World English

A misleading or unjustified use of publicity.

ramp something up in ramp British & World English

Increase the level or amount of (something) sharply