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random British & World English

Made, done, or happening without method or conscious decision

random English Thesaurus

random spot checks

at random British & World English

Without method or conscious decision

non-random British & World English

Not random; not ordered randomly

random walk British & World English

The movements of an object or changes in a variable that follow no discernible pattern or trend

random access British & World English

The process of transferring information to or from memory in which every memory location can be accessed directly rather than being accessed in a fixed sequence

random error British & World English

An error in measurement caused by factors which vary from one measurement to another

random variable British & World English

A quantity having a numerical value for each member of a group, especially one whose values occur according to a frequency distribution

at random in random British & World English

Without method or conscious decision

pseudorandom British & World English

(Of a number, a sequence of numbers, or any digital data) satisfying one or more statistical tests for randomness but produced by a definite mathematical procedure

at random in random English Thesaurus

five schools were chosen at random