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react British & World English

Act in response to something; respond in a particular way

react against in react British & World English

Respond with hostility or a contrary course of action to

overreact British & World English

Respond more emotionally or forcibly than is justified

react English Thesaurus

Ginny wondered how he would react if she told him the truth

react English-Spanish


to react on sth English-Spanish

afectar algo

to react to light in react English-Spanish

reaccionar a la luz

what a way to react! in way English-Spanish

¡qué manera de reaccionar!

he doesn't react in character in character English-Spanish

su reacción no es la que cabría esperar de su personaje

how did he react to the news? in react English-Spanish

¿cómo reaccionó al oír la noticia?, ¿cómo reaccionó frente a

the authorities were slow to react in slow English-Spanish

las autoridades tardaron en reaccionar

how will industry react to these proposals? in industry English-Spanish

¿cuál va a ser la reacción de los empresarios frente a estas propuestas?

how will American audiences react to the play? in audience English-Spanish

¿cómo reaccionará el público americano ante la obra?