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realize British & World English

Become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly

realize English Thesaurus

it took him a moment to realize what she meant

realize English-Spanish

darse* cuenta de, comprender, caer* en la cuenta de

didn't you realize? in realize English-Spanish

¿no te habías dado cuenta?

it distressed them exceedingly to realize that … in exceedingly English-Spanish

los angustió sobremanera darse cuenta de que …

I realize it's expensive, but it's worth it in realize English-Spanish

reconozco que es caro, pero vale la pena

now I realize they were only being cruel to be kind in cruel English-Spanish

ahora me doy cuenta de que solo lo hacían por mi (

I realize you said it in the heat of the moment in heat English-Spanish

ya sé que lo dijiste en un momento de enojo (

don't you realize it's my reputation that's involved here? in involve English-Spanish

¿no te das cuenta de que es mi reputación lo que está en juego?

she does not realize the full import of her decision in import English-Spanish

no se da cuenta del verdadero alcance de su decisión, no se da cuenta cabal de lo que implica su decisión