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record British & World English

A thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past, especially an account kept in writing or some other permanent form

record English Thesaurus

written records of the past

record–reproduce British & World English

Relating to or involving both recording and reproduction functions.

on record British & World English

Used in reference to the making of an official or public statement

milk record British & World English

A record of the milk-yield of a milk-producing animal during a specified period, used in evaluating the worth of the animal.

over-record British & World English

To record (a work or performer) too frequently. Also without object: to record too many songs.

pen-record British & World English

To record (a variable measured quantity) by means of a pen recorder.

record bag British & World English

A protective sleeve for a record.

record club British & World English

An organization that sells selected audio recordings to members or subscribers, often from a mail-order catalog or online

record deal British & World English

= record contract.

record deck British & World English

(Now rare) = recording deck.

record hop British & World English

A dance at which the music is provided by records; a place where such an event is held.

record type British & World English

A typeface including special characters which reproduce the contractions or particular letterforms found in medieval manuscripts.

rock record1 British & World English

Something recorded in or on rock, especially evidence for biological history found in fossils.

rock record2 British & World English

An album or individual recording of rock music, especially one issued on vinyl disc.

gold record British & World English

North American term for gold disc.

pre-record British & World English

Record (sound or film) in advance

record bottle British & World English

A strong bottle containing basic writing materials, left in a remote place, such as a mountain top, to allow visitors to record their having been there.

record label British & World English

A circular piece of paper in the centre of a record, giving information about the song title, artist, etc.

record office British & World English

An office or building in which official records are kept; the archive of the official records of a government or other institution; specifically (with the and capital initials) the Public Record Office in London.

record sleeve British & World English

A close-fitting, protective cover for a record, typically in the form of a cardboard or paper envelope, and often having on it details about the contents of the record, information about the recording artist, etc.

record token British & World English

A voucher which can be exchanged for records costing up to a specified amount.

broken record British & World English

Used, especially in similes, to refer to a person’s constant and annoying repetition of a particular statement or opinion

fossil record British & World English

The record of the occurrence and evolution of living organisms through geological time as inferred from fossils

police record British & World English

A dossier kept by the police on all people convicted of crime

record holder British & World English

A person who has achieved the best-ever performance, especially in a particular sport

record keeper British & World English

A person or organization responsible for keeping records or accounts

record player British & World English

An apparatus for reproducing sound from records, comprising a turntable that spins the record at a constant speed and a stylus that slides along in the groove and picks up the sound, together with an amplifier and a loudspeaker

track record British & World English

The best recorded performance in a particular athletics event at a particular track

under-record British & World English

Record (a number or amount) as being lower than it really is

accident record British & World English

A record of accidents in a particular place, period of time, etc.

akashic record British & World English

(In theosophy and other New Age philosophies) a record of past events imprinted on the akasha.

electric record British & World English

A gramophone record made using a microphone and electrical signals to drive a cutting stylus, rather than sound waves collected in a horn.

record changer British & World English

A device on a record player which automatically replaces a record which has finished playing with another record.

record-changing British & World English

Designating a device which automatically replaces a record which has finished playing with another record, or a record player equipped with such a device.

record contract British & World English

= recording contract.

record linkage British & World English

The process of combining items of information or sets of data that relate to the same subject.

record locking British & World English

A feature which restricts access to individual records to one user or application at a time, in order to prevent inconsistencies which may result from simultaneous editing.

record producer British & World English

A person who supervises and directs the production of musical recordings.

criminal record British & World English

A list of a person’s previous criminal convictions

record-breaking British & World English

Surpassing a record or best-ever achievement

record-keeping British & World English

The activity or occupation of keeping records or accounts

geological record British & World English

The visible evidence of geological change; especially the fossil content of rock strata, as used to date strata or their fossils; an instance of this for a particular period, place, or taxon.

Record Commission British & World English

An official body charged with investigating the state of, superintending, and publishing editions of the public records of Britain; (hence, with modifying word) each of the bodies performing similar functions with respect to the national archives of Scotland and Ireland.

record committee British & World English

A committee appointed to superintend the records of a government or other institution; (originally) specifically the select committee of the House of Commons set up to advise on the better superintendence of Britain's public records, at the suggestion of whom the Record Commission was established.

gramophone record British & World English

Fuller form of record4noun4noun4noun.

phonograph record British & World English

Fuller form of record4noun4noun4noun.

for the record British & World English

So that the true facts are recorded or known

off the record British & World English

Not made as an official or attributable statement

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