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red British & World English

Of a colour at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies

red- British & World English

Variant spelling of re- before a vowel (as in redolent).

red English Thesaurus

a red dress

red New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

capital in reference to communists or socialists

re- British & World English

Once more; afresh; anew

Red in red British & World English

Communist or socialist (used especially during the Cold War with reference to the Soviet Union)

red–green British & World English

Denoting colour blindness in which reds and greens are confused, either protanopia (daltonism) or deuteranopia

red–green New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(en rule with reference to colour blindness)

see red British & World English

Become very angry suddenly

red box British & World English

A box, typically covered with red leather, used by a Minister of State to hold official documents

red dog British & World English

Another term for dhole.

red-eye British & World English

The undesirable effect in flash photography of people appearing to have red eyes, caused by a reflection from the retina when the flashgun is too near the camera lens

red fox British & World English

A common fox with a reddish coat, native to both Eurasia and North America and living from the Arctic tundra to the centres of cities

red gum British & World English

An Australian gum tree with smooth bark and hard dark red timber

red hat British & World English

A cardinal’s hat, especially as the symbol of a cardinal’s office

red-hot British & World English

So hot as to glow red

red ink British & World English

Used in reference to financial deficit or debt

red man British & World English

An American Indian

red ned British & World English

Red wine of inferior quality

Red Sea British & World English

A long, narrow nearly landlocked sea separating Africa from the Arabian peninsula. It is linked to the Indian Ocean in the south by the Gulf of Aden and to the Mediterranean in the north by the Suez Canal

red top British & World English

A tabloid newspaper

red-eye New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

effect in flash photography

brick red British & World English

A deep brownish red

Congo red British & World English

A red-brown azo dye which becomes blue in acidic conditions, used as a chemical indicator and as a stain in histology

dago red British & World English

Cheap red wine, typically from Italy

red algae British & World English

A large group of algae that includes many seaweeds that are mainly red in colour. Some kinds yield useful products (agar, alginates) or are used as food (laver, dulse, carrageen)

Red Army British & World English

The army of the Soviet Union, formed after the Revolution of 1917. The name was officially dropped in 1946

red-bait British & World English

Harass or persecute (someone) on account of known or suspected communist sympathies

red beds British & World English

Sandstones or other sedimentary strata coloured red by haematite coating the grains

red biddy British & World English

A mixture of cheap wine and methylated spirits

red book British & World English

The title given to any of various official books of economic or political significance

red-brick British & World English

Built with red bricks

red-brown British & World English

A brown colour tinged with red

red card British & World English

(In soccer and some other games) a red card shown by the referee to a player who is being sent off the field

red cedar British & World English

Either of two North American coniferous trees with reddish-brown bark:

red cell British & World English

Less technical term for erythrocyte.

red cent British & World English

A one-cent coin

Red Cloud British & World English

(1822–1909), leader of the Oglala Sioux Indians. In what became known as Red Cloud’s War 1865–68, he opposed the US government’s attempts to build forts along the Bozeman Trail in Wyoming and Montana. His forcing of the Fort Laramie Treaty (1868) guaranteed peace when the government accepted the territorial claims of the Sioux

red coral British & World English

A branching pinkish-red horny coral which is used in jewellery

Red Cross British & World English

The International Movement of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, an international humanitarian organization bringing relief to victims of war or natural disaster. The Red Cross was set up in 1864 at the instigation of the Swiss philanthropist Henri Dunant (1828–1910) according to the Geneva Convention, and its headquarters are at Geneva

red deer British & World English

A deer with a rich red-brown summer coat that turns dull brownish-grey in winter, the male having large branched antlers. It is native to North America, Eurasia, and North Africa

red dwarf British & World English

A small, old, relatively cool star

red-faced British & World English

Having a red face, especially as a result of embarrassment or shame

red fish British & World English

Fish with dark flesh, such as herring, mackerel, sardine, and pilchard

red flag British & World English

A red flag as the symbol of socialist revolution or a warning of danger

red giant British & World English

A very large star of high luminosity and low surface temperature. Red giants are thought to be in a late stage of evolution when no hydrogen remains in the core to fuel nuclear fusion

red gold British & World English

An alloy of gold and copper

Red Guard British & World English

Any of various radical or socialist groups, in particular an organized detachment of workers during the Russian Revolution of 1917 and a militant youth movement in China (1966–76) which carried out attacks on intellectuals and other disfavoured groups as part of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution

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