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reduce British & World English

Make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size

reduce someone to the ranks in reduce British & World English

Demote a non-commissioned officer to an ordinary soldier

reduce someone/thing to in reduce British & World English

Bring someone or something to (a worse or less desirable state or condition)

reduce something to in reduce British & World English

Change a substance to (a different or more basic form)

reduce someone to the ranks British & World English

Demote a non-commissioned officer to an ordinary soldier

silence British & World English

The fact or state of abstaining from speech

the ranks in rank1 British & World English

(In the armed forces) those who are not commissioned officers

reduce English Thesaurus

the aim is to reduce pollution

reduce English-Spanish


reduce speed now in reduce English-Spanish

disminuya la velocidad

to reduce staffing levels in staffing English-Spanish

reducir* el número de empleados, reducir* la plantilla

to reduce/increase taxation in taxation English-Spanish

reducir*/aumentar los impuestos

we have to reduce our wage bill in bill English-Spanish

tenemos que reducir los gastos de personal, tenemos que reducir el rubro salarios

to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in carbon dioxide English-Spanish

disminuir* las emisiones de anhídrido

we were told to reduce wastage in wastage English-Spanish

se nos dijo que aprovecháramos mejor el material

reduce speed when approaching a junction in when English-Spanish

reduzca la velocidad al acercarse a un cruce

it is government policy to reduce inflation in policy English-Spanish

la reducción de la inflación es una de las directrices de la política gubernamental

the object of the exercise is to reduce losses in exercise English-Spanish

lo que se persigue con esto es reducir las pérdidas

todo se reduce a saber interpretar las cifras in reducir Spanish-English

it all comes down to knowing how to interpret the figures

they have promised to reduce taxation across the board in board English-Spanish

han prometido una reducción general de impuestos

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