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reed British & World English

A tall, slender-leaved plant of the grass family, which grows in water or on marshy ground

ree2 British & World English

A walled enclosure for sheep, cattle, or pigs, usually made of stone and often with a covered area. Now also: a run or pen for poultry. Frequently with distinguishing word; see also sheep-ree.

ree5 British & World English

To clean (grain, pulses, etc.) using a sieve, especially by sifting in a circular motion so that the chaff, etc. collects in the centre. Compare ree. Also without object: to sieve in this way.

Reed, Sir Carol British & World English

(1906–76), English film director. His films include Odd Man Out (1947), The Third Man (1949), and the musical Oliver! (1968), for which he won an Oscar

Reed, Stanley Forman British & World English

(1884–1980), US Supreme Court associate justice 1938–57. A supporter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, he held various federal positions before being named to the Court

Reed, Walter British & World English

(1851–1902), American physician. He headed a group that were responsible for identifying the mosquito Aedes aegypti as carrier of yellow fever. They showed that the agent responsible was a virus—the first to be recognized as the cause of a human disease

Reed, Willis British & World English

(1942-), US basketball player. A center for the New York Knicks 1964–74, he was the NBA’s most valuable player for the 1969–1970 season. He later coached various professional and college teams. Basketball Hall of Fame (1982)

Reed–Sternberg British & World English

Attributive Designating a type of giant cell characteristic of Hodgkin's disease, typically having two mirror-image nuclei with prominent nucleoli and marginal clumping of chromatin; of or relating to such cells; especially in Reed–Sternberg cell.

Sternberg–Reed British & World English

Attributive = Reed–Sternberg.

free reed British & World English

(In a wind instrument) a reed which is attached at one end in such a way that it may vibrate freely within the opening in which it is set; frequently attributive.

Lang Reed British & World English

With the. A period of scarcity just before the spring, when winter stocks have run low.

pole-reed British & World English

The giant reed, Arundo donax (now rare).

reed-bird British & World English

Any bird that lives among reeds. rare.

reed-cap British & World English

A small, usually wooden cap enclosing the reed of certain instruments (especially early double-reed instruments) so that the player does not control it directly with his or her lips.

reed case British & World English

Music a case for storing the reeds used in an instrument such as an oboe or clarinet.

reed hook British & World English

An implement used for threading the warp threads through the reed of a loom.

reed horn British & World English

Any horn in which sound is produced by a reed; specifically a type of foghorn in which a metal reed is vibrated by compressed air to produce the sound.

reed mark British & World English

A mark on a piece of cloth running in the direction of the warp, caused by a damaged or defective loom reed.

reed moth British & World English

Any of various small moths which inhabit reed beds; specifically = reed leopard.

bur-reed British & World English

An aquatic reed-like plant with rounded flower heads. Its oily seeds are an important source of winter food for wildfowl

reed bed British & World English

An area of water or marshland dominated by reeds

reed mace British & World English

Another term for bulrush111.

reed pipe British & World English

A simple wind instrument having or made from a reed

reed stop British & World English

An organ stop controlling reed pipes

Indian reed British & World English

The plant Indian shot, Canna indica; a stem of this.

paper reed British & World English

The papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus.

reed brake British & World English

A brake or thicket of reeds.

reed-capped British & World English

(Of a wind instrument) having a reed cap.

reed-drawer British & World English

A person who prepares reed for thatching.

reed fescue British & World English

Any of several coarse fescues, especially tall fescue, Festuca arundinacea; also reed fescue grass.

reed-grass British & World English

The common reed, Phragmites australis; (also) any of various grasses, typically tall and growing in moist or wet soil, thought to resemble this; especially †(a) a cornfield grass, perhaps silky bent, Apera spica-venti (obsolete rare); (b) (more fully canary reed-grass) reed canary grass, Phalaris arundinacea; (c) a reed of the genus Calamagrostis, also called smallreed; (now chiefly US); (d) reed sweetgrass, Glyceria maxima.

reed knife British & World English

An instrument used to alter the tuning of the reed-pipe in an organ by adjusting the position of the tongue.

reed-marked British & World English

(Of cloth) that has a mark running in the direction of the warp as a result of a damaged or defective loom reed.

reed piper British & World English

A person who plays a reed pipe.

reed player British & World English

A player of a reed pipe (now rare).

reed relay British & World English

A relay consisting of or incorporating one or more reed switches.

reed sheaf British & World English

A bundle of unthreshed wheat straw with the ears removed, used especially for thatching.

reed spear1 British & World English

A stem or stalk of reed.

reed spear2 British & World English

A spear made of reed, specifically one of a type used by Australian Aborigines.

reed swamp British & World English

A swamp dominated by the common reed, Phragmites australis, or other tall reed-like plants; swampland of this kind.

reed switch British & World English

(Originally) a switch in which electrical contact is made by two reeds that are caused to touch one another; (later) specifically a small, sensitive, high-speed switching device consisting of a pair of contacts in a sealed glass tube, which can be brought together by the field of an electromagnet surrounding the tube.

double reed British & World English

A reed with two slightly separated blades, used for playing a wind instrument such as an oboe or bassoon

giant reed British & World English

A fast-growing perennial grass native to India that is a principal source for reeds used in musical instruments. In the US it threatens some native plant habitats because of its spreading and dispersal habits

reed organ British & World English

A keyboard instrument similar to a harmonium, in which air is drawn upwards past metal reeds

small-reed British & World English

A reed-like grass which grows in damp woods and marshes in temperate regions

reed-drawing British & World English

The action or practice of preparing reed for thatching by drawing wheat from sheaves held in a reed-press, removing the ears and forming the remaining straw into bundles.

reed leopard British & World English

A pale-winged Eurasian moth, Phragmataecia castaneae (family Cossidae), which inhabits reed beds.

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