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reef1 British & World English

A ridge of jagged rock, coral, or sand just above or below the surface of the sea

reef2 British & World English

Each of the several strips across a sail which can be taken in or rolled up to reduce the area exposed to the wind

reif British & World English

Robbery, depredation, spoliation.

reef English Thesaurus

waves crashed over the reef

reef band British & World English

A band of canvas running across a sail and having holes or eyes through which reefpoints can be fastened.

reef bass British & World English

US the red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus.

reef eel British & World English

Any of various eels, especially moray eels (family Muraenidae), which frequent coral reefs.

reef fish British & World English

Any of numerous marine fishes which frequent coral reefs; specifically any of several small damselfishes of the genus Chromis (family Pomacentridae), found chiefly in the Caribbean.

reef line British & World English

= reefpoint; (also more generally) a rope used in reefing a sail.

reef net British & World English

A net used in reef net fishing.

reef wash British & World English

A deposit of wash-dirt lying over bedrock.

reef flat British & World English

The horizontal upper surface of a coral reef

reef knot British & World English

A type of double knot which is made symmetrically to hold securely and cast off easily

quartz reef British & World English

A lode or vein of gold-bearing quartz.

reef break British & World English

A point on a reef at which waves break; the breaking of waves at such a point.

reef drive British & World English

A horizontal tunnel excavated alongside or through gold-bearing rock.

reef heron British & World English

Either of two herons of tropical and warm temperate coastal areas, Egretta sacra, of south-east Asia and Australasia, and E. gularis, found from West Africa to India, each occurring in slate-grey and white colour phases formerly mistaken for distinct species.

reef knoll British & World English

A hillock, generally of limestone, formed from ancient coral.

reef netter British & World English

A fisherman who uses this method of fishing.

reef oyster British & World English

An oyster growing on a reef (rather than on a bed of sand, a rope, etc.).

reef shark British & World English

Any of several sharks of the family Carcharinidae, especially of the genus Carcharinus, which are often associated with reefs; frequently with distinguishing word, as blacktip, grey, whitetip reef shark.

reef sponge British & World English

A small, rounded, dark-coloured sponge, Spongia obliqua (family Spongiidae), which grows on coral reefs in the Caribbean.

reef tackle British & World English

A tackle used to hoist the outer edge of a sail up to the yard in reefing; frequently attributive.

reef trout British & World English

A variety of the North American lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush, typically found in shallow water above reefs and shoals.

saddle reef British & World English

A body of ore, especially auriferous quartz, found in the curve of an anticline, thickest at the centre and tapering downwards in each direction; a similar body in the trough of a syncline.

coral reef British & World English

A ridge of rock in the sea formed by the growth and deposit of coral

patch reef British & World English

A small isolated platform of coral

mullock reef British & World English

An area of rock with a high proportion of mullock but yielding some gold or minerals.

reef pendant British & World English

Each of the short ropes used to secure the clew of a sail to the boom prior to reefing.

barrier reef British & World English

A coral reef close and running parallel to the shore but separated from it by a channel of deep water

fringing reef British & World English

A coral reef that lies close to the shore

reef-builder British & World English

A marine organism, especially a coral, which builds reefs

reef limestone British & World English

Limestone originating in coral or other natural reefs.

Lasseter's reef British & World English

A very rich source of something, especially when elusive or mythical

reef net fishing British & World English

A method of fishing in which obstacles designed to resemble underwater reefs are suspended from moored boats, so that fish aiming for the clearer water between them are guided into a net.

Great Barrier Reef British & World English

A coral reef in the western Pacific, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It extends for about 2,000 km (1,250 miles), roughly parallel to the coast, and is the largest coral reef in the world

Capitol Reef National Park British & World English

A preserve in south central Utah, noted for its fossils and rock formations