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regardless British & World English

Despite the prevailing circumstances

regardless New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

despite the prevailing circumstances

regardless English Thesaurus

he decided to go, regardless

regardless English-Spanish

I told her not to do it, but she carried on regardless

regardless of in regardless English Thesaurus

the Commission should promote equal opportunities for people regardless of age

she'll have her say, regardless in regardless English-Spanish

siempre tiene que dar su opinión, pese a quien pese

regardless of what people say in regardless English-Spanish

a pesar de lo que diga la gente

we're just going to forge on regardless in forge English-Spanish

vamos a seguir adelante pase lo que pase

regardless of her feelings on the matter in regardless English-Spanish

sin tener en cuenta lo que ella pudiera (

we must leave tonight, regardless of the cost/consequences in regardless English-Spanish

tenemos que salir esta noche, cueste lo que cueste/pase lo que pase

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