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regression British & World English

A return to a former or less developed state

regression line British & World English

A graph of the expected value of a dependent variable plotted against the value of an independent variable; the line that best expresses an inexact relationship between two variables, specifically a line of best fit.

regression therapy British & World English

Any of various forms of therapy (chiefly involving hypnosis) in which regression is induced, typically in order to discover possible causes of a disorder, habit, etc., or to recover repressed memories.

hypnotic regression British & World English

Regression induced by hypnosis; an instance of this.

phenomenal regression British & World English

The tendency for a shape, especially a perspective, to be perceived as nearer to the shape of a related and known object than it actually is.

regression coefficient British & World English

A coefficient in the regression equation, representing how a dependent variable changes when one of the independent variables changes; especially the coefficient in a simple regression equation having only one independent variable.

regression equation British & World English

An equation relating the expected value of a dependent variable to the value of one or more independent variables.

regression hypnosis British & World English

The action or process of causing a person to regress under hypnosis.

past-life regression in past life British & World English

Attributive originally US. Designating or relating to a method of alternative therapy in which a person is regressed, usually through hypnosis, to a supposed previous incarnation; especially in past-life regression, past-life therapy.