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release British & World English

Allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free

release English Thesaurus

the government released some 150 prisoners

day release British & World English

A system of allowing employees days off work to go on educational courses

pre-release British & World English

Relating to or denoting a record, film, or other product that has not yet been generally released

block release British & World English

A system of allowing employees the whole of a stated period off work in order to undertake an educational course

cable release British & World English

A cable attached to the shutter release of a camera, allowing the photographer to open the shutter without touching or moving the camera

press release British & World English

An official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter

quick-release British & World English

(Of a device) designed for rapid release

release agent British & World English

A substance applied to a surface, typically the surface of a mould or container, to prevent other substances from sticking to it

time-release British & World English

Denoting something, especially a drug preparation, that releases an active substance gradually

work release British & World English

Leave of absence from prison by day enabling a prisoner to continue in normal employment

equity release British & World English

The use of financial arrangements that provide the owner of a house or other property with funds derived from the value of the property while enabling them to continue using it

margin release British & World English

A device on a typewriter allowing a word to be typed beyond the margin normally set

shutter release British & World English

The button on a camera that is pressed to make the shutter open

carriage release British & World English

A function or lever which enables the carriage on a manual or electric typewriter to move freely, instead of only in one direction when the keys are pressed

sustained-release British & World English

Denoting a drug preparation in a capsule containing numerous tiny pellets with different coatings that release their contents steadily over a long period

rerelease British & World English

Release (a recording or film) again