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rent1 British & World English

A tenant’s regular payment to a landlord for the use of property or land

rent2 British & World English

A large tear in a piece of fabric

rent3 British & World English

past and past participle of rend.

rent in rend British & World English

Tear (something) into pieces

rent-a- British & World English

Denoting availability for hire of a specified thing

low-rent British & World English

(Of a property) costing relatively little to rent

quit-rent British & World English

A rent, typically a small one, paid by a freeholder or copyholder in lieu of services which might be required of them

rack rent British & World English

An extortionate or very high rent

for rent in rent1 British & World English

Available to be rented

for rent British & World English

Available to be rented

rent boy British & World English

A young male prostitute

rent-free British & World English

With exemption from rent

rent roll British & World English

A register of a landlord’s lands and buildings with the rents due from them

ground rent British & World English

Rent paid under the terms of a lease by the owner of a building to the owner of the land on which it is built

rent party British & World English

A party held to raise money to pay rent by charging guests for attendance

rent table British & World English

A circular or octagonal office table of a kind made in the 18th century

economic rent British & World English

The extra amount earned by a resource (e.g. land, capital, or labour) by virtue of its present use

rent control British & World English

Government control and regulation of the amounts charged for rented housing

peppercorn rent British & World English

A very low or nominal rent

rend one's garments in rend British & World English

Tear one’s clothes (or pull one’s hair out) as a sign of extreme grief or distress

rend the air British & World English

Sound piercingly

rend one's garments British & World English

Tear one’s clothes (or pull one’s hair out) as a sign of extreme grief or distress

rent1 English Thesaurus

I can't afford to pay the rent

rent2 English Thesaurus

his knee poked through the rent in his trousers

rent English-Spanish

alquiler m, arrendamiento m, arriendo m, renta fesp AmL

rent boy English-Spanish

puto margot/slang, chapero mEspargot/slang, chichifo mMéxargot/slang

rent-free English-Spanish

exento de alquiler

low-rent English-Spanish

de renta baja, de bajo alquiler

rent strike English-Spanish

huelga en que los inquilinos dejan de pagar el alquiler

ground rent English-Spanish

rentarenta que se paga al propietario del terreno sobre el cual está construida una vivienda

rent officer English-Spanish

funcionario encargado de controlar los alquileres

rent-a-crowd English-Spanish

personas que acuden a una reunión pública o manifestación con el solo fin de aumentar el número de asistentes y crear la impresión de apoyo espontáneo a una causa

rent out English-Spanish

alquilar, arrendar*, rentar Méx

rent book in rent English-Spanish

libreta donde se anotan las cantidades satisfechas por el inquilino

it's rent day in day English-Spanish

es el día del alquiler

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