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replica British & World English

An exact copy or model of something, especially one on a smaller scale

replica English Thesaurus

I cannot confirm whether it is a replica or a real firearm at this stage

replica plate British & World English

A plate of culture medium which has been inoculated with bacteria or fungi transferred from a master plate by means of a disc of velvet or similar material which covers the surface of the plate, thus preserving the original distribution of colonies.

senza replica British & World English

As a direction in a musical score: (to be played) without repeated passages. Occasionally as noun: a performance in which repeats are omitted.

replica method British & World English

= replica technique.

replica plating British & World English

The technique of using replica plates, typically with selective culture media (containing different antibiotics, lacking various nutrients, etc.) that allow specific microbial mutations to be identified.

replica technique British & World English

A method which involves the production of a replica for examination or comparison; specifically a method of using thin plastic film to produce a cast of an etched surface for subsequent examination with an electron microscope.