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republican British & World English

(Of a form of government, constitution, etc.) belonging to or characteristic of a republic

Republican in republican British & World English

(In the US) supporting the Republican Party

Republican Party British & World English

One of the two main US political parties (the other being the Democratic Party), favouring a right-wing stance, limited central government, and tough, interventionist foreign policy. It was formed in 1854 in support of the anti-slavery movement preceding the Civil War

Republican River British & World English

A river that flows for 445 miles (715 km) from northeastern Colorado through southern Nebraska and into Kansas where it joins the Smoky Hill River to form the Kansas River

Irish Republican Army British & World English

The military arm of Sinn Fein, aiming for union between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Democratic Republican Party British & World English

A US political party founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson, a forerunner of the modern Democratic Party

French Republican calendar British & World English

A reformed calendar officially introduced by the French Republican government on 5 October 1793, having twelve months of thirty days each, with five days of festivals at the year’s end (six in leap years). It was abandoned under the Napoleonic regime and the Gregorian calendar was formally reinstated on 1 January 1806

republican English-Spanish


to register as a Democrat/Republican in register English-Spanish

inscribirse* como votante demócrata/republicano

the Republican candidate for Governor in candidate English-Spanish

el candidato republicano a gobernador

he ran on the Republican ticket in ticket English-Spanish

se presentó como candidato republicano

the Republican share of the vote in vote English-Spanish

el porcentaje de votos republicanos

the other states are rock-solid Republican in rock-solid English-Spanish

los otros distritos son sólidamente republicanos

the race is on for the Republican nomination in race English-Spanish

ha empezado la contienda para la nominación republicana