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resign British & World English

Voluntarily leave a job or office

resign oneself to in resign British & World English

Accept that something undesirable cannot be avoided

resign New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

voluntarily leave a job or office

resign English Thesaurus

the senior management resigned after the losses were announced

resign English-Spanish

dimitir, renunciar, presentar su (

to resign from sth English-Spanish

dimitir algo, renunciar

to resign oneself (to sth/-ing) English-Spanish

resignarse (a algo/+ infinitive/infinitivo)

whatever led you to resign? in lead English-Spanish

¿qué te llevó a dimitir?

there were shouts of 'resign!' in resign English-Spanish

se alzaron voces pidiendo su dimisión

their criticism caused him to resign in cause English-Spanish

sus críticas motivaron, sus críticas hicieron que renunciara

form a coalition? I'd resign first in first English-Spanish

¿formar una coalición? ¡antes (que eso) renuncio!

I had no option but to resign in option English-Spanish

no me quedó más remedio que renunciar, no tuve otra alternativa que renunciar

did she resign or was she pushed? in push English-Spanish

¿renunció o la renunciaron?

it's said he'll have to resign in say English-Spanish

se dice que tendrá que renunciar

you should take their lead and resign in lead English-Spanish

debería seguir su ejemplo y dimitir

I had no alternative than to resign in than English-Spanish

no tenía otra alternativa que dimitir

you leave me no alternative but to resign in leave English-Spanish

no me deja otra alternativa que dimitir

no blame attaches to her decision to resign in attach English-Spanish

su decisión de dimitir no implica ningún tipo de culpabilidad