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resist British & World English

Withstand the action or effect of

wax resist British & World English

A process similar to batik used in pottery and printing

photoresist British & World English

A photosensitive resist which, when exposed to light, loses its resistance or its susceptibility to attack by an etchant or solvent. Such materials are used in making microcircuits

resist English Thesaurus

the vine's hard wood helps it resist cold winters

resist English-Spanish


to resist arrest in arrest English-Spanish

resistirse a la autoridad

I can't resist chocolate in resist English-Spanish

el chocolate me vuelve loco

he couldn't resist her charms in charm English-Spanish

no pudo resistirse a sus encantos

she found him hard to resist in resist English-Spanish

le costaba resistirse a sus encantos

I couldn't resist telling her in resist English-Spanish

no pude resistirme a decírselo, no pude aguantar las ganas de decírselo

I'm so weak, I can't resist chocolates in weak English-Spanish

tengo muy poca fuerza de voluntad, no sé decir que no a un bombón

I had to buy it, I couldn't resist it in resist English-Spanish

tuve que comprarlo, no me pude resistir

you must be strong and resist temptation in strong English-Spanish

tienes que ser fuerte y resistir la tentación

he managed to resist the urge to tell her in urge English-Spanish

logró contener las ganas que tenía de decírselo

they will resist any form of change tooth and nail in tooth English-Spanish

se van a resistir enérgicamente a cualquier tipo de cambio