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resonance British & World English

The quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating

resonance level British & World English

A level at which resonance occurs; specifically an energy level of an atomic nucleus corresponding to a state of resonance.

resonance Raman British & World English

Attributive designating a spectroscopic technique in which a Raman spectrum is excited by light having a frequency equal to that of an allowed electronic transition of the scattering molecules, leading to enhanced vibrations of parts of the molecule involved in the transition; relating to or involving this technique; (also, not attributive) resonance Raman spectroscopy.

resonance capture British & World English

Nuclear Physics the absorption by an atomic nucleus of a particle having one of certain well-defined values of energy.

resonance energy British & World English

A value of the energy of a system at which the system undergoes resonance.

resonance hybrid British & World English

A molecular structure regarded as the result of resonance between two or more different structures.

morphic resonance British & World English

(According to the theory developed by Rupert Sheldrake, British biologist b.1942) a paranormal influence by which a pattern of events or behaviour can facilitate subsequent occurrences of similar patterns

resonance absorption British & World English

Absorption of energy or of a particle under conditions of resonance; specifically resonance capture of a particle by an atomic nucleus; an instance of this.

resonance fluorescence British & World English

Fluorescence in which the light emitted has the same wavelength as the light exciting the emission.

resonance radiation British & World English

Radiation emitted in resonance fluorescence.

resonance scattering British & World English

Elastic scattering of a particle by an atomic nucleus at an energy of the incident particle for which the scattering cross-section is large compared with that for adjacent values of the energy; also called resonant scattering.

resonance stabilization British & World English

The stabilization of a molecular structure by resonance; the extent of this.

electron spin resonance British & World English

A spectroscopic method of locating electrons within the molecules of a paramagnetic substance

magnetic resonance imaging British & World English

A technique for producing images of bodily organs by measuring the response of the atomic nuclei of body tissues to high-frequency radio waves when placed in a strong magnetic field

nuclear magnetic resonance British & World English

The absorption of electromagnetic radiation by a nucleus having a magnetic moment when in an external magnetic field, used mainly as an analytical technique and in diagnostic body imaging

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