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restricted British & World English

Limited in extent, number, scope, or action

restrict British & World English

Put a limit on; keep under control

age-restricted British & World English

Limited to people above or below a certain age

derestrict British & World English

Remove restrictions from

restrict someone to in restrict British & World English

Limit someone to only doing or having (a particular thing) or staying in (a particular place)

restrict something to in restrict British & World English

Limit something to (a particular place, time, or group)

restricted English Thesaurus

this may be the result of cramming so much into a restricted space

restricted English-Spanish

restringido, limitado

they were restricted to barracks in restrict English-Spanish

estaban detenidos en el cuartel, estaban arrestados

she restricted herself to one glass in restrict English-Spanish

se limitó a tomarse una sola copa

discussion was restricted to one issue in restrict English-Spanish

la discusión se limitó a un solo asunto

speeches were restricted to five minutes each in restrict English-Spanish

la duración de cada discurso estaba limitada a

access is restricted to authorized personnel in restrict English-Spanish

solo se permite la entrada al personal autorizado

there is restricted access to the building in restricted English-Spanish

solo ciertas personas tienen libre acceso al edificio

membership of the club is restricted to residents in membership English-Spanish

solo los residentes pueden hacerse socios del club

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