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rhetorical British & World English

Relating to or concerned with the art of rhetoric

rhetorical English Thesaurus

the skilful use of such rhetorical devices like metaphor

rhetorical accent British & World English

A stress placed on a word or syllable on account of the intended effect of its delivery, especially one placed in departure from the normal or expected pattern of stress in order to convey a particular meaning; also in extended use.

rhetorical figure British & World English

Any of the forms of expression which give beauty, variety, force, etc., to a composition in accordance with the theory and principles of rhetoric, as metaphor, metonym, hyperbole, etc.

rhetorical theory British & World English

The field of study devoted to, or a theory regarding, the use of rhetoric in communication.

rhetorical trope British & World English

A figure of speech or figurative use of language employed for rhetorical effect.

rhetorical analysis British & World English

Analysis of the use of rhetorical figures and patterns in a composition; an example of this.

rhetorical question British & World English

A question asked in order to create a dramatic effect or to make a point rather than to get an answer