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ribbon British & World English

A long, narrow strip of fabric, used for tying something or for decoration

baby ribbon British & World English

Narrow ribbon used for decorative purposes; a piece of this.

love ribbon British & World English

A narrow gauze ribbon with satin stripes.

ribbon-back British & World English

A type of seat having a back panel carved or shaped to form a pattern resembling ribbons and bows; a back panel of this type.

ribbon bed British & World English

Geology a bed comprising narrow horizontal layers of rock.

ribbon cane British & World English

Any of several varieties of sugar cane having stalks with red or purplish vertical stripes; formerly also called †riband cane.

ribbon coil British & World English

A coil comprising a flat wound length of metal, typically copper.

ribbon copy British & World English

A letter, document, etc., printed directly from a typewriter ribbon; an original copy of a typed letter or document.

ribbon fern British & World English

Any of various ferns having ribbon-like fronds, especially (in later use) the adder's tongue Ophioglossum pendulum.

ribbon gum British & World English

Any of several eucalypts having bark that peels in strips; especially the manna gum, Eucalyptus viminalis.

ribbon knit British & World English

A garment produced by knitting with ribbon or a ribbon-like yarn.

ribbon knot British & World English

A piece of ribbon knotted in the middle and used for decorative purposes.

ribbon lake British & World English

A long narrow lake, typically formed by glacial erosion.

ribbon mike British & World English

= ribbon microphone.

ribbon seal British & World English

A small seal, Histriophoca (or Phoca) fasciata (family Phocidae), which is dark brown with several prominent whitish bands and occurs locally in subarctic areas of the North Pacific.

ribbon weed British & World English

A brown alga of the genera Fucus or Laminaria.

rune ribbon British & World English

A carved area on a stone in which runes are engraved.

red ribbon British & World English

An award given for coming second in a competition

ribbon worm British & World English

A chiefly aquatic worm with an elongated, unsegmented, flattened body that is typically brightly coloured and tangled in knots, and a long proboscis for catching food

green ribbon British & World English

A ribbon of green colour worn as the badge of the Levellers during the English Civil War (1642–8), and of the associated King's Head Club (founded 1675); frequently attributive in Green Ribbon Club (the later name of the King's Head Club), green ribbon man. Now historical.

medal ribbon British & World English

A ribbon of specific colours and design for attaching a particular medal or for wearing without a medal.

ribbon-backed British & World English

(Of a seat) having a back panel carved or shaped to form a pattern resembling ribbons and bows.

ribbon block British & World English

A spool on which ribbon, lace, etc., is wound.

ribbon border British & World English

A decorative border suggestive of a ribbon; specifically a narrow strip of ground planted with flowers, shrubs, etc., used as a border in a garden.

ribbon chute British & World English

= ribbon parachute.

ribbon clerk British & World English

A person who sells ribbons or other small items, typically in a department store; a shop assistant; (in extended use) an amateurish or unadventurous person.

ribbon grain British & World English

A stripe that is visible in the grain of mahogany and certain other hardwoods when quarter-sawn; frequently attributive.

ribbon plant British & World English

Any of several plants typically having narrow, variegated strap-like leaves; especially the spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum, and the tropical plant Dracaena sanderiana, both commonly grown as house plants.

ribbon shirt British & World English

A type of shirt decorated with ribbons, worn by members of certain North American Indian groups as part of their traditional costume.

ribbon snake British & World English

Any of several snakes with very slender bodies; specifically either of two striped North American colubrid snakes, Thamnophis sauritus and T. proximus, which are related to the garter snakes.

ribbon weaver British & World English

A person who weaves ribbons, especially as an occupation.

ribbon cable British & World English

A cable for transmitting electronic signals consisting of several insulated wires connected together to form a flat ribbon

ribbon-grass British & World English

Another term for tape-grass.

lingual ribbon British & World English

The odontophore or radula of a mollusc.

ribbon building British & World English

= ribbon development.

ribbon cutting British & World English

A ceremonial or formal opening of a building, road, etc., originally and especially by means of cutting a ribbon stretched across the entrance; frequently attributive, especially in ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Ribbon Society British & World English

A Loyalist secret society formed in the north and northwest of Ireland early in the 19th cent. in direct opposition to the Orange Order.

cut a ribbon British & World English

Ceremonially open a building or road, typically by cutting a ribbon across the entrance

magnesium ribbon British & World English

A thin strip or wire of magnesium prepared for burning.

Petersham ribbon British & World English

A corded tape used in dressmaking and millinery for stiffening.

ribbon cartridge British & World English

A pick-up cartridge on a gramophone or record player that works on the same principle as a ribbon microphone.

ribbon-developed British & World English

(Of a road, piece of land, etc.) forming a ribbon development; that has houses, etc., built along it.

ribbon lightning British & World English

Lightning with multiple strokes in which strong winds blow each successive stroke away from the previous one, producing a ribbon-like sheet of light.

ribbon microphone British & World English

A microphone in which a thin metal ribbon mounted between the poles of a permanent magnet converts sound into electrical signals by electromagnetic induction.

ribbon parachute British & World English

A parachute having a canopy consisting of an arrangement of closely spaced tapes, creating less drag than a standard parachute.

ribbon development British & World English

The building of houses along a main road, especially one leading out of a town or village

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