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rind British & World English

The tough outer skin of certain fruit, especially citrus fruit

rund British & World English

The border or selvedge of a piece of cloth; a scrap of fabric.

rind English Thesaurus

add the grated rind of one lemon

mill-rind British & World English

The iron fitting supporting the upper millstone of a corn-mill, and carrying the eye which rests on the end of the mill-spindle.

rind gall British & World English

A defect in timber caused by injury to the bark of the growing tree, visible as a patch of abnormal growth incorporated into the wood.

rind fungus British & World English

An ascomycete fungus, Phaeocytostroma sacchari, which causes a disease of sugar cane characterized by the formation of black patches on the stem.

rind-graft British & World English

A graft made by rind grafting.

rind grafting British & World English

Grafting in which the scion is inserted between the bark and the wood of a stump.