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robber British & World English

A person who commits robbery

bank robber British & World English

A person who commits a bank robbery

robber crab British & World English

A large terrestrial crablike crustacean which climbs coconut palms to feed on the nuts, found on islands in the Indo-Pacific area

robber fly British & World English

A large, powerful predatory fly which darts out and grabs insect prey on the wing

dog-robber British & World English

An army or navy officer’s orderly

robber baron British & World English

A ruthless and unscrupulous plutocrat

robber English-Spanish


bank robber English-Spanish

atracador, -dora masculine, feminineor asaltante masculine and feminine de bancos

cradle-robber English-Spanish

corruptor, -tora masculine, feminine de menores humorous/humorístico, asaltacunas masculine and feminineMexico/Méxicocolloquial/familiar, sardinero,

grave robber English-Spanish


robber baron English-Spanish

capitalista inescrupuloso de finales del siglo XIX en EEUU