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rosy British & World English

(Especially of a person’s skin) coloured like a pink or red rose, typically as an indication of health, youth, or embarrassment

rosy English Thesaurus

her rosy cheeks

rosy-bill British & World English

A South American pochard, Netta peposaca, the male of which has chiefly black plumage and a pinkish-red bill.

rosy boa British & World English

A small desert boa of south-western North America, Lichanura trivirgata, which typically has brownish longitudinal stripes and is popular as a pet.

rosy gull British & World English

(Frequently with distinguishing word) Ross's gull, Rhodostethia rosea.

rosy-hued British & World English

Having the colour or shade of a pink or red rose; (in recent use frequently) (figurative) = rose-coloured.

rosy-red British & World English

Pinkish red, light crimson.

rosy apple British & World English

The description of the fruit used in various skipping formulas.

rosy minor British & World English

A small European noctuid moth, Mesiligia literosa, with pinkish brown forewings.

rosy rustic British & World English

A Holarctic noctuid moth, Hydraecia micacea, with pale pinkish brown forewings, which is often a pest of potatoes and other crops.

rosy-tinted British & World English

Tinged with the colour of a pink or red rose; rosy-hued, rose-tinted; (in recent use frequently) (figurative) = rose-coloured.

rosy cross British & World English

An equal-armed cross with a rose at its centre, the emblem of the Rosicrucians

rosy finch British & World English

A finch found in Asia and western North America, the male of which has pinkish underparts and rump

rosy-fingered British & World English

Having rosy-coloured fingers. Also figurative.

rosy-fleeced British & World English

Suffused with or characterized by the rosy colour of the rising or setting sun.

rosy footman British & World English

A small Eurasian moth, Miltochrista miniata (family Arctiidae), which has yellowish forewings tinged with pink.

rosy-cheeked British & World English

(Of a person) having pink or red cheeks

rosy feather star British & World English

The feather star Antedon bifida (order Comatulida), found off the coasts of the north-east Atlantic.

barb1 British & World English

A freshwater fish with barbels around the mouth, popular in aquaria

rosy pastor in pastor British & World English

another term for rose-coloured starling.

rosy twisted-stalk in twisted-stalk British & World English

A plant of the lily family with bell-shaped flowers carried on bent or twisted stalks, native to the temperate regions of Russia and North America