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rove1 British & World English

Travel constantly without a fixed destination; wander

rove2 British & World English

Past of reeve.

rove3 British & World English

A sliver of cotton, wool, or other fibre, drawn out and slightly twisted, especially preparatory to spinning

rove4 British & World English

A small metal plate or ring for a rivet to pass through and be clenched over, especially in boatbuilding

rove in reeve2 British & World English

Thread (a rope or rod) through a ring or other aperture

rove beetle British & World English

A long-bodied beetle with very short wing cases, typically found among decaying matter where it may scavenge or prey on other scavengers

rove English Thesaurus

for ten years I roved about

rove English-Spanish

recorrer, vagar*

rove in range English Thesaurus

it was beyond his range of vision

rove in roam English Thesaurus

a tramp who had roamed the country for nine years

rove in rove English Thesaurus

for ten years I roved about

rove in stray English Thesaurus

a young gazelle which had strayed from the herd

rove in wander English Thesaurus

you can spend the afternoon wandering around the estate

to rove over sth English-Spanish

recorrer algo