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royal British & World English

Having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family

royal English Thesaurus

a royal wave

Royal New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(capital in titles; abbreviation R)

royal New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

paper size, 636 × 480 mm

metric royal in royal British & World English

A paper size, 636 × 480 mm

Royal in Blues and Royals British & World English

A regiment of the Household Cavalry

Kir royal British & World English

A cocktail made from champagne or sparkling white wine and cassis

Royal Oak British & World English

A city in southeastern Michigan, northwest of Detroit; population 57,110 (est. 2008)

royal oak British & World English

A sprig of oak worn on 29 May to commemorate the restoration of Charles II (1660), who hid in an oak tree after the battle of Worcester (1651)

royal ‘we’ British & World English

The use of ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ by a single person, as traditionally used by a sovereign

royal blue British & World English

A deep, vivid blue

royal burgh British & World English

(In Scotland) a burgh holding a charter from the Crown

royal duke British & World English

A duke who is also a royal prince

royal fern British & World English

A large pale green fern which has very long spreading fronds with widely spaced oblong lobes, occurring worldwide in wet habitats

royal fish British & World English

A whale, porpoise, or sturgeon caught near the British coast or cast ashore there. In these circumstances they belong to the Crown or, in the Duchy of Cornwall, to the Prince of Wales

royal flush British & World English

(In poker) a straight flush including ace, king, queen, jack, and ten all in the same suit, which is the hand of the highest possible value when wild cards are not in use

Royal Gala British & World English

A New Zealand dessert apple of a variety with red and yellow skin

Royal Gorge British & World English

A steep defile on the Arkansas River in south central Colorado, near Cañon City, a noted tourist attraction. Also called Grand Canyon of the Arkansas

royal icing British & World English

Hard white icing made from icing sugar and egg whites, typically used to decorate fruit cakes

royal jelly British & World English

A substance secreted by honeybee workers and fed by them to larvae which are being raised as potential queen bees

royal mast British & World English

A section of a sailing ship’s mast above the topgallant

Royal Mint British & World English

The establishment responsible for the manufacture of British coins. Set up in 1810 in London, it moved in 1968 to Llantrisant in South Wales

Royal Navy British & World English

The British navy. It was the most powerful navy in the world from the 17th century until the Second World War

royal palm British & World English

A New World palm which is widely cultivated as an avenue tree

royal sail British & World English

A sail above a sailing ship’s topgallant sail

royal stag British & World English

A red deer stag with a head of twelve or more points

spur royal British & World English

A gold coin worth fifteen shillings, made chiefly in the reign of James I and bearing a representation of a sun with rays

battle royal British & World English

A fiercely contested fight or dispute

chapel royal British & World English

A chapel in a royal palace

Prince Royal British & World English

The eldest son of a reigning monarch

royal assent British & World English

Assent of the sovereign to a Bill which has been passed by Parliament, and which thus becomes an Act of Parliament. Royal assent by the sovereign (in person or through commissioners of the Crown) is required before a Bill (or a Measure passed by the General Synod of the Church of England) can come into force as law, but it has not been withheld since 1707

royal demesne British & World English

An area of land owned by the Crown

Royal Marines British & World English

A British armed service (part of the Royal Navy) founded in 1664, trained for service at sea, or on land under specific circumstances

royal plural British & World English

Another term for royal ‘we’.

royal purple British & World English

A rich deep shade of purple

Royal Society British & World English

The oldest and most prestigious scientific society in Britain. It was formed by followers of Francis Bacon to promote scientific discussion especially in the physical sciences, and received its charter from Charles II in 1662

royal tennis British & World English

Another term for real tennis.

royal warrant British & World English

A warrant issued by the sovereign, especially one authorizing a company to display the royal arms, indicating that goods or services are supplied to the sovereign or to a member of the royal family

Princess Royal British & World English

The eldest daughter of a reigning monarch (especially as a title conferred by the British monarch)

royal antelope British & World English

A small West African antelope with an arched back, short neck, and a red and brown coat

Royal Engineers British & World English

The field engineering and construction corps of the British army

royal standard British & World English

A banner bearing the royal coat of arms, flown in the presence of royalty

Princess Royal New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

eldest daughter of a reigning monarch

royal road to British & World English

A way of attaining or reaching something without trouble

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