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rubber1 British & World English

A tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of a tropical plant or synthetically

rubber2 British & World English

A contest consisting of a series of successive matches (typically three or five) between the same sides or people in cricket, tennis, and other games

burn rubber British & World English

Drive very quickly

rubber band British & World English

A loop of rubber for holding things together

rubber boa British & World English

A short snake with a stout shiny brown body that looks and feels like rubber, found in western North America

rubber boot British & World English

A knee-length waterproof rubber or plastic boot

rubber duck British & World English

An inflatable flat-bottomed rubber dinghy, typically motorized

rubber tree British & World English

A tree that produces the latex from which rubber is manufactured, native to the Amazonian rainforest and widely cultivated elsewhere

foam rubber British & World English

A spongy material made of rubber or plastic in the form of foam, used for cushioning and in upholstery

butyl rubber British & World English

A synthetic rubber made by polymerizing isobutylene and isoprene

rubber bullet British & World English

A large projectile made of rubber and shot from a firearm, used especially in riot control

rubber cement British & World English

A cement or adhesive containing rubber in a solvent

rubber cheque British & World English

A cheque that is returned unpaid

rubber plant British & World English

An evergreen tree of the fig family, which has large dark green shiny leaves and is widely cultivated as a houseplant. Native to SE Asia, it was formerly grown as a source of rubber

rubber stamp British & World English

A handheld device for inking and imprinting a message or design on a surface

sponge rubber British & World English

Rubber latex processed into a sponge-like substance

rubber-chicken British & World English

Relating to a series of dinner and lunch appearances made by a politician or other public figures

rubber solution British & World English

A liquid that dries to a rubber-like material, used especially as an adhesive in mending rubber articles

India rubber tree British & World English

Another term for rubber plant222.

where the rubber meets the road British & World English

The point at which a theory or idea is put to a practical test

crumb rubber in crumb British & World English

Granulated rubber, usually made from recycled car tyres

crêpe rubber in crêpe British & World English

Hard-wearing wrinkled rubber, used for the soles of shoes

rubber match in rubber2 British & World English

A deciding game in a rubber of cricket, tennis, etc.

rubber-stamp in rubber stamp British & World English

Approve automatically without proper consideration

where the rubber meets the road in rubber1 British & World English

The point at which a theory or idea is put to a practical test

where or when the rubber meets or hits the road in rubber1 British & World English

The point at which a theory or idea is put to a practical test

rubber English-Spanish

goma feminine, caucho masculine, hule masculineMexico/México

foam rubber English-Spanish

goma espuma feminine, hule

rubber band English-Spanish

goma feminine (elástica), gomita feminineRiver Plate area/Río de la Plata, banda feminine elástica Venezuela, elástico masculineChile, caucho masculineColombia, liga feminineMexico/México

rubber ring English-Spanish

flotador masculine, salvavidas masculine

rubber tree English-Spanish

árbol, caucho masculineColombia, hule masculineMexico/México

rubber stamp English Thesaurus

few believe it is anything more than a place where legislation gets a rubber stamp

India rubber English-Spanish

caucho masculine, hule masculineMexico/México

rubber boots English-Spanish

botas feminine plural de goma

rubber bullet English-Spanish

bala feminine de goma

rubber plant English-Spanish

ficus masculine, gomero masculineSouthern Cone/Cono Sur, caucho masculineColombia

rubber stamp English-Spanish

sello masculine, tampón masculine

sponge rubber English-Spanish

espuma, gomaespuma feminine

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