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ruddy British & World English

(Of a person’s face) having a healthy red colour

turnstone British & World English

A small short-billed wading bird of the sandpiper family that turns over stones to feed on small animals beneath them

ruddy English Thesaurus

he was tall and fair with a ruddy complexion

ruddy duck British & World English

A New World stiff-tailed duck with a broad bill, naturalized in Britain, the male having mainly deep red-brown plumage and white cheeks

ruddy plover British & World English

The adult male sanderling, Calidris alba, when in summer plumage.

ruddy shelduck British & World English

A large Eurasian duck, Tadorna ferruginea, which has an orange-brown body, pale head, and black flight feathers.

ruddy turnstone British & World English

A turnstone of a New World race that breeds on the Arctic coastal tundra

ruddy-complexioned British & World English

Having a complexion of a healthy red colour