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rumble British & World English

Make a continuous deep, resonant sound

rumble English Thesaurus

thunder rumbled high above us

rumble seat British & World English

An uncovered folding seat in the rear of a car

rumble-tumble British & World English

An attachment at the rear of a carriage for storing luggage or to provide seating, typically for servants; = rumble. Now historical.

rumble strip British & World English

A series of raised strips across a road or along its edge, changing the noise a vehicle’s tyres make on the surface and so warning drivers of speed restrictions or of the edge of the road

rumble-de-thumps British & World English

A dish of mashed potato cooked with fat and often also cabbage, onion, etc.

rumble on in rumble British & World English

(Of a dispute) continue in a persistent but low-key way