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salvo British & World English

A simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns in a battle

Salvo British & World English

A member of the Salvation Army

salvo English-Spanish

salva f

salvo Spanish-English

safe, unharmed

a salvo in salvo Spanish-English

she managed to put the documents in a safe place

salvo buen fin in fin Spanish-English

subject to clearance

se salvó de ñapa in ñapa Spanish-English

she only just pulled through

a salvo of applause in salvo English-Spanish

una salva de aplausos

salvo error u omisión in error Spanish-English

errors and omissions excepted

salvo raras excepciones in raro Spanish-English

with a few rare exceptions

lograron ponerse a salvo in salvo Spanish-English

they managed to get themselves to safety

salvó al niño de perecer ahogado in salvar Spanish-English

she saved the child from drowning

no le des más salvo que empeore in salvo Spanish-English

don't give him any more unless he gets worse

se salvó de hacer el servicio militar in salvar Spanish-English

he got out of doing his military service

consiguió poner los documentos a salvo in salvo Spanish-English

she managed to put the documents in a safe place

se salvó prodigiosamente de morir aplastado in prodigiosamente Spanish-English

he was miraculously saved from being crushed to death

el terremoto no dejó a salvo ni una casa in salvo Spanish-English

the earthquake didn't leave a single house intact

the first salvo in a publicity/election campaign in salvo English-Spanish

el primer aldabonazo de una campaña publicitaria/electoral

this was greeted with a fresh salvo (of cheers) in salvo English-Spanish

esto fue saludado con renovados vítores

los ladrones no dejaron a salvo ni los regalos de boda in salvo Spanish-English

the burglars didn't even spare the wedding presents

las canciones que compiten son bastante malas salvo excepciones in salvo Spanish-English

with a few exceptions the songs in the competition are pretty poor