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savannah British & World English

A grassy plain in tropical and subtropical regions, with few trees

Savannah British & World English

A port in Georgia, just south of the border with South Carolina, on the Savannah River close to its outlet on the Atlantic; population 132,410 (est. 2008)

pine savannah British & World English

Savannah in which pine trees predominate.

savannah bird British & World English

The grasshopper sparrow, Ammodrammus savannarum; compare savannah finch.

savannah fox British & World English

The crab-eating fox, Cerdocyon thous, of savannah and woodland in South America.

savannah crane British & World English

The whooping crane, Grus americana.

savannah finch British & World English

The grasshopper sparrow, Ammodramus savannarum.

savannah flower British & World English

Any of several shrubs or climbing plants of (or formerly of) the genus Echites (family Apocynaceae), typically found in tropical America, which have showy five-petalled flowers and are frequently poisonous.

savannah grass British & World English

A stoloniferous carpet grass, Axonopus compressus, originally native to tropical and subtropical America, but now widespread in warm regions.

Savannah River British & World English

A river that flows for 315 miles (506 km), mostly along the border of Georgia and South Carolina, to reach the Atlantic Ocean near Savannah

savannah wattle British & World English

Either of two fiddlewoods, Citharexylum quadrangulare and C. cinereum (family Verbenaceae), which are trees of the Caribbean region with small white flowers and large leathery leaves.

savannah blackbird British & World English

The smooth-billed ani, Crotophaga ani, a noisy and gregarious black bird of the cuckoo family, found in open habitats from Florida to Argentina.

savannah cricket British & World English

(Also more fully savannah cricket frog) a cricket frog (genus Acris).

savannah elephant British & World English

An African elephant of the larger subspecies Loxodonta africana africana, characteristic of savannah grasslands; also called bush elephant, plains elephant.

savannah sparrow British & World English

A small sparrow common throughout most of North America

savannah woodland British & World English

Tropical or subtropical grassland similar to savannah but with a denser growth of trees, though not enough to give a continuous canopy.

savannah cricket frog in savannah cricket British & World English

(Also more fully savannah cricket frog) a cricket frog (genus Acris).