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scrub1 British & World English

Rub (someone or something) hard so as to clean them, typically with a brush and water

scrub2 British & World English

Vegetation consisting mainly of brushwood or stunted forest growth

scrubs in scrub2 British & World English

Land covered with scrub vegetation

scrub jay British & World English

A jay with blue and gray plumage and no crest, found in Mexico, the western US, and central Florida

scrub oak British & World English

A shrubby dwarf oak which forms thickets

body scrub British & World English

An exfoliating cosmetic preparation applied to the body to cleanse the skin

scrub-bird British & World English

A secretive Australian songbird with mainly brown plumage and a long tail, now rare

scrub nurse British & World English

A nurse who handles sterile equipment while assisting a surgeon during a surgical operation

scrub suit British & World English

A garment worn by surgeons and other theatre staff while performing or assisting at an operation

scrub-turkey British & World English

another term for brush-turkey.

scrub typhus British & World English

A rickettsial disease transmitted to humans by mites and found in parts of eastern Asia

scrub wallaby British & World English

another term for pademelon.

scrub up in scrub1 British & World English

Thoroughly clean one’s hands and arms before performing surgery

scrub up well in scrub1 British & World English

(Of a person) have a smart and well-groomed appearance after making a deliberate effort

scrubbing brush British & World English

A hard brush for scrubbing floors

scrub brush in scrubbing brush British & World English

A hard brush for scrubbing floors

scrub1 English Thesaurus

he scrubbed the kitchen floor

scrub2 English Thesaurus

there the buildings ended and the scrub began

scrub English-Spanish

matorrales, maleza f

scrub up English-Spanish

lavarseantes de una operación

scrub down English-Spanish

limpiar con cepillo

scrub out English-Spanish

fregar* con cepillo

scrub round English-Spanish

obviar*, evitar

to scrub a stain off in scrub English-Spanish

quitar una mancha fregando

he gave the floor a good scrub in scrub English-Spanish

fregó bien el pisocon cepillo