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semantic British & World English

Relating to meaning in language or logic

semantic loan British & World English

= semantic borrowing.

semantic net British & World English

= semantic network.

Semantic Web British & World English

A proposed development of the World Wide Web in which data in web pages is structured and tagged in such a way that it can be read directly by computers

neuro-semantic British & World English

Of or relating to a neurolinguistic approach to semantics.

semantic memory British & World English

The part of memory that deals with meanings and concepts, and underlies the ability to recall factual information that is not based on past experience; a memory or recollection of this type.

semantic poetry British & World English

A form of poetry in which certain words (especially those which are hackneyed or overfamiliar) are replaced with their dictionary definitions.

semantic field British & World English

A lexical set of semantically related items, for example verbs of perception

phonetico-semantic British & World English

Of or relating to both phonetic and semantic value.

semantic aphasia British & World English

A form of aphasia in which comprehension of grammatical constructions is impaired, but that of single words is relatively intact.

semantic bleaching British & World English

Weakening or alteration of a word's meaning; specifically the loss of a word's semantic force as its syntactic or grammatical role becomes dominant.

semantic borrowing British & World English

An extension of the meaning of a word by analogy with a partly synonymous term in another language; the process by which this occurs.

semantic network British & World English

A graphical representation of a set of words or concepts and their semantic relationships to one another.

semantic paradox British & World English

A paradox involving semantic notions such as truth and reference, especially self-reference.

semantic primitive British & World English

A word or phrase regarded as innately understood, but indefinable and not further analysable into smaller components of meaning.

semantic consequence British & World English

The relationship by which a sentence must be true whenever every member of a given set of sentences is true; logical consequence conceived semantically, as in model theory, rather than syntactically, as in proof theory; (also) a sentence which must be true whenever every member of a given set of sentences is true; contrasted with syntactic consequence.

semantic differential British & World English

A technique devised to measure a person's attitude towards something, by asking him or her to rate words from a given list seen as descriptive of it or not; a scale or test for implementing this.

structural-semantic British & World English

Of or relating to language structure and semantics, or to structural semantics.