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sermon British & World English

A talk on a religious or moral subject, especially one given during a church service and based on a passage from the Bible

Sermon on the Mount British & World English

The discourse of Christ recorded in Matt. 5-7, including the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer

sermon English Thesaurus

he preached a sermon based on a text from the Book of Wisdom

sermon English-Spanish

sermón m

the Sermon on the Mount in mount English-Spanish

el sermón de la montaña

who preached the sermon? in sermon English-Spanish

¿quién dio el sermón?, ¿quién predicó?

the Sermon on the Mount in sermon English-Spanish

el Sermón de la Montaña

nos echó un sermón de los buenos in bueno Spanish-English

she gave us a real dressing-down

me echó un sermón por llegar tarde in echar Spanish-English

he gave me a real talking-to for being late

me echó un sermón por llegar tarde in sermón Spanish-English

he gave me a lecture for being late

he snatched forty winks during the sermon in snatch English-Spanish

se echó una cabezadita durante el sermón

I can't sit through another two-hour sermon in through English-Spanish

no puedo aguantar otro sermón de dos horas

nos espetó un sermón sobre los buenos modales in espetar Spanish-English

he inflicted a lecture about good manners on us, he made us sit through a lecture on good manners, he lectured us on good manners

siempre les encasquetaba a sus alumnos el mismo sermón in encasquetar Spanish-English

he always dished out the same old lecture to his students, he always made his students sit through the same old lecture