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sheer1 British & World English

Nothing other than; unmitigated (used for emphasis)

sheer2 British & World English

(Typically of a boat) swerve or change course quickly

sheer3 British & World English

The upward slope of a ship’s lines towards the bow and stern

sheerlegs British & World English

A hoisting apparatus made from poles joined at or near the top and separated at the bottom, used for masting ships, installing engines, and hauling heavy objects

sheer1 English Thesaurus

he whistled at the sheer audacity of the plan

sheer2 English Thesaurus

the boat sheered off to beach further along the coast

sheer away English-Spanish


sheer off English-Spanish

desviarse*, cambiar de rumbo

it was sheer folly in folly English-Spanish

fue una auténtica locura

this job is sheer drudgery in drudgery English-Spanish

este trabajo es una pesadez

that would be sheer lunacy in sheer English-Spanish

eso sería una auténtica locura

a sheer drop onto the rocks in drop English-Spanish

una caída a plomo sobre las rocas

it was sheer bad luck that … in sheer English-Spanish

fue por pura mala suerte que …

sheer panic nailed him to the spot in nail English-Spanish

se quedó clavado en el sitio de puro pánico

it's sheer nonsense to suggest that … in sheer English-Spanish

es un verdadero disparate decir que …, no es más que un disparate decir que …

he succeeded by sheer hard work in sheer English-Spanish

lo logró a fuerza de trabajar sin tregua

the cliffs rise sheer out of the sea in sheer English-Spanish

los acantilados se yerguen verticalmente sobre el mar

she is unrivaled for sheer tactlessness in unrivaled English-Spanish

en cuanto a falta de tacto, no tiene rival

he won it by dint of sheer hard work in dint English-Spanish

se lo ganó a fuerza de trabajar, se lo ganó a pulso

she did it out of o from sheer spite in spite English-Spanish

lo hizo por pura maldad/por puro rencor

he did it out of sheer desperation/necessity in sheer English-Spanish

lo hizo por pura desesperación/necesidad

a topic which most people tend to sheer away from in sheer English-Spanish

un tema que la mayoría de la gente tiende a evitar

a topic which most people tend to sheer away from in sheer away English-Spanish

un tema que la mayoría de la gente tiende a evitar

I'm not paying two hundred: it's sheer o daylight robbery! in robbery English-Spanish

no pienso pagar doscientos, es un auténtico robo

it was sheer providence that a passing motorist heard her cries in providence English-Spanish

fue providencial que un automovilista que pasaba la oyera gritar

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