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shelves British & World English

Plural form of shelf.

shelves in shelf1 British & World English

A flat length of wood or rigid material, attached to a wall or forming part of a piece of furniture, that provides a surface for the storage or display of objects

shelve1 British & World English

Place or arrange (items, especially books) on a shelf

shelve2 British & World English

(Of ground) slope downwards in a specified manner or direction

food shelf British & World English

A shelf on which food is stored.

god shelf British & World English

In a traditional Japanese household, a high wooden shelf serving as an altar for the worship of kami (Shinto gods), on which are typically placed a miniature Shinto shrine, paper amulets or charms, and offerings of food and drink; this shelf and its contents considered together.

open shelf British & World English

A shelf that is not in a closed or private room; specifically a bookshelf in a library which is directly accessible to readers; frequently attributive or as adjective.

pot shelf British & World English

A shelf for holding pots; a piece of furniture for storing pots, a sideboard.

sub-shelf British & World English

A shelf situated below another shelf or surface.

ice shelf British & World English

A floating sheet of ice permanently attached to a land mass

roller shelf British & World English

A large shelf mounted on a series of rollers.

parcel shelf British & World English

A shelf in a motor vehicle behind the rear seat

continental shelf British & World English

The area of seabed around a large land mass where the sea is relatively shallow compared with the open ocean. The continental shelf is geologically part of the continental crust

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