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shovel British & World English

A tool resembling a spade with a broad blade and typically upturned sides, used for moving coal, earth, snow, or other material

shovel hat British & World English

A black felt hat with a low round crown and a broad brim turned up at the sides, formerly worn especially by clergymen

shovel pass British & World English

An underarm pass made with a shovelling movement of the arms

power shovel British & World English

A mechanical excavator

shovel-ready British & World English

(Of a building project) at the stage where workers can be employed and construction can begin

steam shovel British & World English

An excavator that is powered by steam

loading shovel British & World English

A vehicle with a power-operated shovel for scooping up material and carrying it short distances

shovel English Thesaurus

the turf had been dug up by vandals using a pick and shovel

shovel English-Spanish

pala f

a shovel of earth in shovel English-Spanish

una palada de tierra

to shovel sand into a pile in shovel English-Spanish

amontonar arena con una pala