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shower British & World English

A brief and usually light fall of rain, hail, sleet, or snow

shower gel British & World English

A thick liquid product used for washing oneself in the shower

meteor shower British & World English

A number of meteors that appear to radiate from one point in the sky at a particular date each year, due to the earth regularly passing through them at that position in its orbit

power shower British & World English

A shower using an electric pump to produce a high-pressure spray

shower something on/upon in shower British & World English

Give a great number of things to (someone)

shower someone with in shower British & World English

Throw (a number of things) all at once towards someone

shower bath in shower British & World English

An act of washing oneself in a shower

showerproof British & World English

(Of a garment) resistant to light rain

shower English Thesaurus

a shower of rain

shower English-Spanish

ducha f, regadera fMéx

shower cap in shower English-Spanish

gorro m de ducha

shower head in shower English-Spanish

alcachofa, regadera fCol, Cu, Méx, Ven

snow shower in snow English-Spanish

nevada f, precipitación

shower curtain in shower English-Spanish

cortina f de ducha

shower attachment in shower English-Spanish

ducha de plástico que se empalma a los grifos de la bañera

the shower block in block English-Spanish

el pabellón de las duchas

it's only a shower in shower English-Spanish

solo es un chaparrón

a shower of sparks in shower English-Spanish

una lluvia de chispas

a shower is $2 extra in extra English-Spanish

con ducha cuesta dos dólares más

you really need a shower! in need English-Spanish

¡qué falta te hace una ducha!

I had a nice hot shower in nice English-Spanish

me di una buena ducha caliente

to take oBrE have a shower in shower English-Spanish

ducharse, darse* una ducha, bañarse

you'll feel better after a shower in after English-Spanish

te vas a sentir mejor si te das una ducha

a shower brings me back to life in life English-Spanish

una ducha me deja como nuevo

we put a shower in the bathroom in put English-Spanish

pusimos una ducha en el baño

a shower of arrows/bullets/stones in shower English-Spanish

una lluvia de flechas/balas/piedras

inspiration struck me in the shower in strike English-Spanish

me vino la inspiración en la ducha

you need a head of 4ft for the shower in head English-Spanish

el tanque de agua tiene que estar 4 pies más alto que la ducha

there's nothing like a shower to freshen you up in nothing English-Spanish

no hay (nada) como una ducha para refrescarse