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shutter British & World English

Each of a pair of hinged panels fixed inside or outside a window that can be closed for security or privacy or to keep out the light

shutter English Thesaurus

Ianthe went over to the window and flung open the shutters

leaf shutter British & World English

A shutter in which the exposure is controlled by an iris.

roll shutter British & World English

A shutter, especially one made of parallel slats fastened together, mounted on a roller.

time shutter British & World English

(In a camera) a shutter for making time exposures.

shutter speed British & World English

The nominal time for which a shutter is open at a given setting

shutter release British & World English

The button on a camera that is pressed to make the shutter open

shutter priority British & World English

A system used in some automatic cameras in which the shutter speed is selected by the user and the appropriate aperture is then set by the camera