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sierra British & World English

(Especially in Spanish-speaking countries or the western US) a long jagged mountain chain

Sierra Club British & World English

A North American environmental group, founded in 1892. The pioneering naturalist John Muir was its first president

Sierra Leone British & World English

A country on the coast of West Africa; population 5,132,100 (est. 2009); languages, English (official), English Creole, Temne, and other West African languages; capital, Freetown

Sierra Madre British & World English

A mountain system in Mexico, extending from the border with the US in the north to the southern border with Guatemala

Sierra Nevada British & World English

A mountain range in southern Spain, in Andalusia, south-east of Granada

Sierra Vista British & World English

A city in the southeastern corner of Arizona, just north of the Mexican border; population 43,320 (est. 2008)