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sighted British & World English

(Of a person) having the ability to see; not blind

sight British & World English

Manage to see or observe (someone or something); catch an initial glimpse of

far-sighted British & World English

Showing a prudent awareness of future possibilities

clear-sighted British & World English

Thinking clearly and sensibly

long-sighted British & World English

Having long sight

sharp-sighted British & World English

Quick to notice things; perceptive

short-sighted British & World English

Having short sight

partially sighted British & World English

Having a visual impairment

nearsighted British & World English

another term for short-sighted.

sighted English-Spanish


far-sighted English Thesaurus

his far-sighted management brought great prosperity

far-sighted English-Spanish

con visión de futuro, clarividente

short-sighted English Thesaurus

a short-sighted neighbour asked me what the flowers were

clear-sighted English-Spanish

de gran lucidez, perspicaz

partially sighted English-Spanish

con visión parcial

the sighted in sighted English-Spanish

las personas videntes